Our Mission

RTILikho is a not-for-profit venture which seeks to eliminate social and civil injustice in India by enabling it’s citizens to use the Right to Information Act. It is an initiative by Exoton Foundation, an Indian non-profit organization registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013. At RTILikho our goal is to educate and enable the citizens of India to make full use of their Right to Information.
As a non-profit we are committed to uphold the goals and mission stated previously. We believe that with our efforts we can make India a shining example of transparency and clean governance.

Our Core Values

Social Responsibility

We believe that it is our social and civic duty to help the needy. RTILikho is one of the many ways we are trying to fulfil our aforementioned obligations.

Non profit

It is our thinking that not every act in life should be motivated by profit. This is the reason we incorporated the company as a nonprofit.


We believe that our methods, processes and finances should be open to public scrutiny and verification. Many bogus non-profits act as fronts for various money laundering schemes and we seek to distance ourselves from any such activity. Please visit http://www.exoton.org/disclosure for our disclosed data.


We are fully committed to the protection of privacy of our customers and the rest of the community. We do not share any of your information with 3rd parties. We believe that every human being has a right to express their thoughts freely and without the fear of repercussions.

Our Services

We provide a number of complementary services alongside RTILikho in accordance with our mission and goals. These are :

Community chat
We run a chat service at https://chat.rtilikho.org which can be used by anyone for discussion, getting help, sharing their experience regarding RTI and much more.

Discussion Forums
Our discussion forums are accessible at https://rtilikho.org and is meant for long asynchronous discussions about topics related to RTI.

We maintain a blog at https://www.medium.com/rtilikho where we post various opinion pieces from notable activists and other articles related to RTI