Frequently asked Questions

Using RTILikho you can file RTI applications online. RTILikho is a not-for-profit venture which seeks to eliminate social and civil injustice in India by enabling it’s citizens to use the Right to Information Act.
RTI or Right to Information Act came into effect in 2005. Under this act any citizen of India may request information from any ‘Public Authority’ which must reply to this request within 30 days. The full Act can be read here.
No we are not. We are a non-profit venture started by Exoton Foundation, a registered Section 8 organisation.
Because running the website and providing other complementary services requires funds. Non-profits are legally prohibited from making private profits for it’s members. However it is perfectly acceptable for us to charge for any product or service and use the obtained revenues for running the organization and furthering the objectives of the organization. The revenue we make from our services is used towards any operational expenses and furthering of our objectives of doing public good.
Because we are a registered Section 8 Non-Profit organization and are legally bound to serve the public and society. We cannot make any personal profit from this venture. Failure to comply with these obligations will result in jail time for us. Also it is common knowledge that RTI activists are not very safe in India. And yet we are putting our safety at risk because we believe that liberty, justice and peace should not just be meaningless words.
Public Authority refers to any institution or body established or constituted by an act. Also bodies or authorities established or constituted by order or notification of appropriate government including bodies “owned, controlled or substantially financed” by government, or non-Government organizations “substantially financed, directly or indirectly by funds” provided by the government fall under the purview of the RTI act as well.
PIO or a Public Information Officer is a designation held by an individual at a Public Authority who is responsible for the furnishing of information by replying to our RTI applications.
Speed Post is a premium mail service offered by India Post. It is fast, track-able and is our recommended option for most customers.
Anonymous RTI is a service offered by RTILikho where we file the RTI application on your behalf to try and keep your identity safe. It is a premium service and should be used by activists and journalists who fear retribution from the corrupt and criminal elements. For more information on our Anonymous service please click here.
The number of days mentioned in Day Delivery beneath the pricing plans refer to the number of days it takes for an application to reach the concerned Public Authority or the PIO. Please note that this is not a guarantee as the shipping is handled by India Post and is subject to their T&C. Rest assured that delays are extremely rare.
According to the RTI Act, it is mandatory for the PIO or the Public Information Officer to respond to within 30 days of him receiving your application.
In that case we can either offer you a refund or resend the application. If your application never reached the PIO please write to us at along with your tracking number.
In this case the fault lies with the PIO and not us. You should consider filing a First Appeal to the First Appellate authority which is the recommended course of action as suggested by RTI Act. If found guilty the PIO is penalized for his/her behavior.
Please try not to. There are enough bad elements who hate us enough already. We are only trying to do some good for the citizens of this country. We cannot make profits out of this and are doing this solely to realize our naive dream that one day our country will be the safest and happiest place there ever was.

If you have any further queries please feel free to contact us. We try to repond to all queries within 24 hrs.