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*Please read our Anonymous FAQs page carefully for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Speed Post is a premium mail service offered by India Post. It is fast, track-able and is our recommended option for most customers.

Anonymous RTI is a service offered by RTILikho where we file the RTI application on your behalf to try and keep your identity safe. It is a premium service and should be used by activists and journalists who fear retribution from the corrupt and criminal elements. For more information on our Anonymous service please click here.

The number of days mentioned in Day Delivery beneath the pricing plans refer to the number of days it takes for an application to reach the concerned Public Authority or the PIO. Please note that this is not a guarantee as the shipping is handled by India Post and is subject to their T&C. Rest assured that delays are extremely rare.

Because running the website and providing other complementary services requires funds. Non-profits are legally prohibited from making private profits for it’s members. However it is perfectly acceptable to charge for any product or service and use the obtained revenues for running the organization and furthering the objectives of the organization. The revenue we make from our services is used towards any operational expenses and furthering of our objectives of doing public good.

Because we are a registered Section 8 Non-Profit organization and are legally bound to serve the public and society. We cannot make any personal profit from this venture. Failure to comply with these obligations will result in jail time for us. Also it is common knowledge that RTI activists are not very safe in India. And yet we are putting our safety at risk because we believe that liberty, justice and peace should not just be meaningless words.

Please visit our FAQs page to find the answers to the most common queries faced by us.